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Below you can sort through and view any of our Training Videos online. Please note that the videos are a higher definition than what you see in the default player, and so switching to full screen mode will provide better clearity.

For initial product reserach and training, it is recommended that you watch all of the videos in order, each is labled with a numeric code based on the order they were recorded. This is because the knowledge taught in each video will build on each other.

After you have a good familiarity with how to use RealDropzone, you can use the Catagories section to sort videos by Catagory, allowing to too browse through videos on a particular subject. You are encouraged to make comments or suggestions for videos using both the video commments area, and also the Support Forums.

RDVideo0053 - Manifest Monitor Demo 04:00

Learn how your flight information will be made immediately available to your customers and staff through the use of a publically located monitor.

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