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Wednesday, February 19, 2014
New RealDropzone Pricing for 2014
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Beginning 2014, RealDropzone pricing has changed. Any clients who signed contracts with us prior to this announcement will continue to get their retroactive pricing structure, or can chose to switch pricing models.

New model:
The base price for RealDropzone licensing has changed to ½ percent, or 0.5%, or $0.50 for every $100 spent. Please do not confuse this for 5%, which is what some online reservation services are charging you. This new model INCLUDES us making a local server available to your Dropzone. You will no longer need to purchase a server or license software for that server. Additionally we are changing our minimum monthly charge for RealDropzone to $210/mo. Additionally if your annual licensing exceeds $7,500, your rate will be reduced to 0.35% for licensing after that point.
We’ve made this change for a number of reasons:
  • We’ve had problems with Dropzones wanting to use the server running RealDropzone for other purposes, other software installed on the servers has interfered with our ability to support our product or has interrupted the performance or stability of our product.
  • It’s hard to predict how long a server will last, we often say 3-5 years, but the growth of the Dropzone, quality of power and environment (dust, heat), and a little bit of luck are involved in all of these things. This new pricing model will allow us to assure the DZO that there will be no ‘surprise’ repair expenses down the road. If something happens to your server we’ll ship you one next-day delivery, and you can use ours over the internet while you wait for it to arrive.
  • We’ve made adjustments to our staff to be able to more quickly support client needs. Remember that our customer support comes at no additional cost, other companies are charging you $55-$85/hr for customer support. Economic pressures have led us to these new price rates.
Existing customers can, whenever they need to purchase a new server, decide to implement this new pricing plan. If you’ve already purchased your server then there is no benefit to switching and you are not required to switch pricing plans.
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