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Tuesday, December 30, 2008
Introducing RealDropzone™
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In order to provide the industry with all of capabilities that we’ve envisioned, we identified that the first step would be to provide a suite of software products that would assist a dropzone in getting all of the information required to run their business into a centralized location.  With cooperation from Skydive Chicago of Ottawa, Illinois, We’ve done just that!

RealDropzone™ represents thousands of hours of continued development, it will serve as the foundation on which we’ll build other capabilities, but as it exists today…

RealDropzone is…

  • An enterprise solution to help dropzone’s do business.
  • A suite of interconnected software components, business rules, and data entity standards designed to allow individual dropzones to operate as efficiently as possible, and to bring new marketing capabilities to the entire industry.
  • A carefully architected mixture of business processes that the industry has been familiar with for years, and business processes that other industries have been beneviting from but have not been fully harnessed by the Skydiving industry.

The most recent version of RealDropzone can provide your business with:

  • Tandem Reservation Management
  • Event Registration Management
  • Flight Manifesting Tools
  • Automated customer data collection
  • Intelligent enterprise resource planning (ERP)
  • Easy customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Professional website content management (CMS)
  • Powerful behind-the-scenes search engine optimizations
  • The most inexpensive and hardest working manifest employee that you’ve ever hired!

This product represents over 3 years of ongoing research and development efforts.  While all fundamental business requirements have been perfected, we’re continuing to work on secondary features and more advanced capabilities.  RealDropzone™ will always be under ongoing development.

We’re able to bring this product into the industry by spreading out the cost of development over many businesses and many years.  By making the decision to become a RealDropzone™ subscriber, you’re not just becoming another customer, you’re entering into a long term partnership with an organization that has everyone’s mutual success in mind.

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