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Tuesday, December 15, 2009
Applying a Credit Card Refund in RealDropzone
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This document describes how to apply a Credit Card refund in RealDropzone. In order to illustrate this, we'll walk through a typical example.

We need to cancel two reservations made for December 23rd 2009 by Amber Howell. We will do this by finding her reservations on the Skydiving Reservations form:

Next we will right-click on Amber’s reservation and select her as a customer:

With Amber selected as a Customer, we will now select both reservations, right click, and select “Transact Cancellation.”

We will select Amber’s personal account for this transaction:

As you will see by the Transaction Summary data, this transaction will cancel these reservations and put a total of $100 back onto Amber’s account.  However, this is only half of the work we must do to handle a credit card refund. Now that we have moved the amount from the product into her account, we must move it from her account into a credit card refund.

To do this click “Add Cash Out.” Here you will choose which type of transaction you are performing and the amount, which must be less than or equal to the total amount you will refund. In our case, we will select Refund (Credit Card) and the total amount of the refund, $100:

There should now be three line items in the transaction: the two products which we’ve canceled, and a credit card refund:

Also notice that the “Total Changes” comes out to 0, meaning that her account balance will be the same as it was before this transaction: $0.

Finally, post the transaction. This will contact the credit card processor and attempt to refund the amount requested. If successful you will have a receipt with confirmation:

If talking to the customer, let them know that depending on their bank this may take 24-48 hours to appear on their statement.

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